Denmark is a country in Scandinavia, in the north of Europe. Denmark, together with Greenland and the Faroe Islands, forms the Kingdom of Denmark. It is the southernmost country of the Nordic countries and is located south of Norway and southwest of Sweden, to which it is connected by a bridge. Germany is located south of the country's only land border. The country also borders the Baltic Sea and North Sea.

Official nameDenemarken
Surface43.094 km²
CoinDeense kroon
time differenceUTC +1 / UTC +2

Denmark has more than twice as many bicycles (4.2 million) as cars (1.8 million) and the inhabitants of the capital Copenhagen jointly cycle more than 1 million kilometers a day. Despite the Danish weather, on average 171 days with more than 0.1 mm of rainfall, Denmark is the happiest country in the world according to research.

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