Finland is a country in Northern Europe, Finland borders Russia to the east, Norway to the north and Sweden to the northwest. To the south, it is separated from Estonia by the Gulf of Finland. To the west is the Gulf of Bothnia and to the southwest the Baltic Sea. Finland has been called 'the land of a thousand lakes'; in reality there are about 188,000 lakes.

Official nameFinland
Surface336.855 km²
time differenceUTC + 2 / UTC +3
VolksliedMaamme (Vårt land)

Finnish and Swedish are both official languages ​​in Finland. About 6% of the population speaks Swedish as a first language, mainly in southwestern and western Finland. On Åland, an autonomous archipelago between Finland and Sweden, which belongs to Finland, the official language is only Swedish. The minority language in Finland is Sami, with about 25,000 speakers. The Saami live in northern Finland in Lapland and in northern Sweden, Norway and Russia.

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Photo credits : 25_Finland_Joyce de Vries__MG_0964 Delegation hosts Finland
16-12-2021 finland

Delegation hosts Inge en Brent – Finland

The Finnish delegation hosts Inge and Brent are very happy to get a look behind the scenes at the Eurovision Song Contest. Brent: “It is a dream to be able to work on this. Really one big adventure!” They have no direct connection with Finland. “Luckily they speak good English!” Inge does have a memory… Read more

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