Armenia is a mountainous country in the Southern Caucasus, located in the northeastern part of the Armenian Highlands. Geographically, the country belongs to Asia but in cultural and historical aspects it considers itself to belong to Europe and calls itself a European country. The country borders Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey.

Official nameArmenië 
Surface29.743 km²
time differenceUTC +4
VolksliedMer Hayrenik

The capital Yerevan was founded in 782 BC, making it one of the oldest cities in the world. Yerevan is also known as the 'pink city'. This is because its buildings are built with natural rose colored volcanic stone. One of the two national symbols of Armenia is Ararat, a mountain in the far east of Turkey, the other is the apricot - the orange area that colors the bottom strip of the Armenian flag symbolizes the fruit.

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