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All the flags of the United Nations flutter daily on the Boompjes in Rotterdam. With more than 174 nationalities in Rotterdam, this is only logical. In addition, with a block of 35 masts, we pay attention to changing social, cultural and sporting events in the city.

Photo credits : Vlaggenparade

European Paralympic Championships 2023

On 16 August, we raised the flag in honour of the European Paralympic Championships in Rotterdam. The tournament will take place until 20 August. More information:… Read more

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Indiƫ Remembrance 2023

On 15 August, we mark the end of World War II for the Kingdom of the Netherlands and commemorate all victims of the war against Japan and the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies. The war experiences and the large-scale displacement that followed continue to work to this day for now 2 million Dutch… Read more

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Summer in South

In the summer of 2023, Rotterdam puts the spotlight on Zuid. From June to September, visitors can experience the cultural wealth of Zuid in its full extent and versatility. With a programming of 60 large and small events, Zomer op Zuid will show what Zuid really is: powerful, quirky, surprising and unstoppable. To encourage the… Read more