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All the flags of the United Nations flutter daily on the Boompjes in Rotterdam. With more than 174 nationalities in Rotterdam, this is only logical. In addition, with a block of 35 masts, we pay attention to changing social, cultural and sporting events in the city.

Photo credits : Wereldmuseum
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Worldmuseum: I cook, therefore, I’am

From Friday 10 February to 30 July 2017, the Wereldmuseum will present the exhibition I cook, therefore I am. A journey through the kitchen with Abdelkader Benali. Rotterdam is the perfect stage for this: a metropolis with an unprecedentedly rich diversity of food cultures. Writer and historian Abdelkader Benali and art historian Alexandra van Dongen… Lees meer

Photo credits : Joyce de Vries Delegation hosts Estland
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Delegation hosts Eurovision Songfestival

The Eurovision Song Contest cannot of course be in Rotterdam and that we do nothing with it. Hanging the four banners on the Boompjes was not enough for us. For this occasion, we interviewed a number of delegation hosts. Why did they want to be hosts? And what do they have with Rotterdam?  … Lees meer

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