Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka (voorheen Ceylon) is een land in Zuid-Azië. Het land is een eilandstaat in de Indische Oceaan.

Official nameSri Lanka
CapitalSri Jayewardenapura Kotte
Surface65.610 km²
CoinSri Lankaanse roepie
time differenceUTC +5:30

There are a number of large reptiles in Sri Lanka, of which the saltwater crocodile is the largest with eight meters. Furthermore, the rock python and the Bengal monitor. In the dense jungle of Udawattekele lives the bizarre lyre-headed dragon, a large colorful lizard that is only found in Sri Lanka. In the mountainous part of Sri Lanka lives the rare rhinoceros lizard, whose closest relatives are found in Africa. Of the seven known species of giant tortoises, five make nests on the beaches of the southwest coast.

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