The island of Jamaica is a country in the Caribbean to the south of Cuba and west of the island of Hispaniola. Jamaica is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state. Jamaica is divided into 3 counties and 14 parishes.

Official nameJamaica
CoinJamaican dollar (JMD)
time differenceUTC -5
VolksliedJamaica, Land We Love
RegeringsvormParlementaire monarchie
Officiële taalJamaican Patois
Aantal Rotterdammers geboren in dit land74

Bob Marley is arguably the most famous Jamaican in the world. He was the son of an Englishman and a Jamaican and a convinced Rastafarian. Rastafari is a religion developed in Jamaica in the 1930s, after the coronation of Haile Selassie I as Emperor of Ethiopia. Ras and Tafari were the title and first name of Haile Selassie I before his coronation.

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