Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia. It is located on the Indochina Peninsula and is bordered by China to the north, by the Gulf of Tonkin and the Chinese island of Hainan therein to the northeast, by the South China Sea to the southeast, by Cambodia to the southwest, and by Laos. in the northwest.

Official nameVietnam
Surface330.972 km²
time differenceUTC +7
VolksliedTiến Quân Ca

The Áo dài (pronounced Au-jaai in the south and Au-zaad in the north) is a traditional garment from Vietnam. Literally, Áo dài means 'long dress' or long shirt. The Áo dài consists of silk trousers, topped by a long dress with slits that covers the body from the neck to below the knee. Young girls and students must wear a white Áo dài. The girls who are a bit older but not married wear light pastels. The Áo dài of married women are usually brightly colored. The Áo dài fits tightly around the body, so that, even though the garment conceals everything, the body shapes are accentuated.

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