Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia. In the north it borders on Laos. To the northwest and west it shares a 745 kilometer border with Thailand and to the east and southeast it has a border with Vietnam. On the coast it borders the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea.

Official nameCambodja
CapitalPhnom Penh
Surface181.035 km²
time differenceUTC +7

Cambodia has changed its name many times. The Cambodians call their country Kampuchea, this name is derived from the word Kambu-ja. This name literally means: those born by Kambu. According to a myth, Kambu is the founder of Cambodia. This myth goes back as far as the 10th century. The Western names Camboxa (Portuguese), Cambodge (French), Kambodscha (German) etc. are variations of the native name.

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