Afghanistan is a country in Central-Azie. The country shares her south-borders with Pakistan, Iran in the west. Turkmenistan, Oezbekistan and Tadzjikistan in the north. And China in the far north-east.

Official nameAfghanistan
Residense31.822.848 (2014)
Surface652.864 km²
CoinAfghaanse afghani
time differenceUTC +4:30

Buzkashi is an ancient folk sport in Central-Azië and got its origin from traditional goat hunting. The sport is played by residents of Afghanistan. During a match aerobic horsemen try to get a hold of a goat carcass and place it in front of the referee. The sport is rough man-to-man sport. There are no designated premises. And even the numbers of horsemen and duration of the game can vary. It can hold up to a thousand horsemen and take several days.

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