The Republic of Moldova is a republic in Eastern Europe, largely located between the rivers Prut and Dniester (Nistru). The country is bordered to the west and south by Romania and to the north and east by Ukraine. The country is one of the poorest countries in Europe. Moldova belonged to the Soviet Union until 1991.

Official nameMoldavië
Surface33.846 km²
CoinMoldavische leu
time differenceUTC + 2 / UTC +3

Near Chişinu, the capital of Moldova, is a 120-kilometer-long labyrinth of man-made tunnels. Limestone was once mined in these dark caves. For fifty years, the cool underground vaults have been the perfect place to store some of the best wines in Europe. Rows of barrels and bottles fill more than 60 kilometers of tunnel in the old mine. With storage space for up to 350 million liters of wine, this is said to be the largest wine cellar in Southeastern Europe.

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