Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean. It is about 855 km east of Madagascar and about 1800 km east of mainland Africa. Mauritius is counted among the African countries.

Official nameMauritius
CapitalPort Louis
Surface1.969 kmĀ²
time differenceUTC +4

Because Mauritius is quite isolated, it has a limited number of animal and plant species, many of which are only found here. For example, the extremely rare Mauritius pigeon and the Mauritius kestrel live on the island of Mauritius, and the dodo used to be here as well. The Tambalakok tree is also found here. This one was almost extinct, along with the dodo. The theory is that the tree's seeds only germinate after passing through the dodo's digestive system. They were able to save the tree by introducing turkeys on the island, because they have a similar digestive system. This theory is still being questioned.

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Photo credits : Mautitius still: Merijn van den Brand
08-11-2021 Mauritius

Geoffrey Mathias from Mauritius for Vlaggenparade

“After living in Rotterdam for a few weeks I found out that it is very similar to Mauritius. Just like there it is very multicultural and international. Living in a city like this with so many international people is comfortable. And you know that there are many opportunities for lots of different people.” -Geoffrey Mathias… Read more