Luxembourg is a country in western Europe that borders Belgium, Germany and France. The flag resembles the flag of the Netherlands, which has a darker blue color (cobalt blue instead of sky blue). However, the two flags do not have a common history. The fact that the Dutch king was also Grand Duke of Luxembourg in the 19th century has nothing to do with the colors of both flags. There is, however, a connection with the flag of the Belgian province of Luxembourg, since that flag is also based on the Luxembourg coat of arms.

Official nameLuxemburg
Surface2.586 km²
time differenceUTC +1 / UTC +2

The education system in Luxembourg is trilingual and of a high standard. The first years of primary education are in Luxembourgish, but after that they switch to German, and then switch to French in secondary education. Pupils are expected to speak all three languages ​​as well as English at the end of secondary education.

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