India is located in the Indian subcontinent and is for the most part a peninsula, bordering the Indian Ocean to the west and south and the Bay of Bengal to the east. In the north, the country borders Pakistan, China (mainly Tibet), Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Southeast of India in the Indian Ocean is the island state of Sri Lanka and southwest of it are the Maldives.

Official nameIndia
CapitalNew Delhi
Surface3.287.263 km²
CoinIndiase roepie
time differenceUTC +5:30

Despite the fact that a large part of the population is poor, thanks to the famous Bollywood, the country has the largest film industry in the world. Cinema is immensely popular in the subcontinent, according to many because it can serve as an escape from reality. Bollywood - the name derives from the American Hollywood, where the B stands for Bombay, the beating heart of the Indian film world - has been widely known outside of India for decades. In many countries, from Morocco to Thailand and Indonesia to Russia, Bollywood is even more popular than Hollywood.

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