Iceland is an island nation northwest of the European mainland. Iceland is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the south, the Denmark Strait (between Iceland and Greenland) to the west and the Greenland Sea, part of the Arctic Ocean, to the north. The northeast of the country is located just below the Arctic Circle. This runs exactly over the small island of Grímsey, which belongs to Iceland.

Official nameIJsland
Surface103.000 km²
CoinIJslandse kroon
time differenceUTC +0
Aantal Rotterdammers geboren in dit land46

The Icelandic language has not changed since old Norwegian. Texts of 1000 years old can still be read now. Icelanders are proud of their language and do not want the language to flatten. New words needed to indicate technological or other developments are usually created by combining existing Icelandic words. There is even an institute that monitors this. The Icelandic language uses the Latin alphabet supplemented with a number of characters. The alphabet consists of 36 characters. The "Day of the Icelandic Language" is celebrated annually on November 16, the birthday of the Icelandic poet Jónas Hallgrímsson.

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