Equatorial Guinea is a country in Africa, consisting of a continental part, Mbini, which borders Gabon and Cameroon, and the island of Bioko, where the capital Malabo is located. The island also includes the island of Annobón.

Official nameEquatoriaal-Guinea
Surface28.051 km²
time differenceUTC +1
VolksliedCaminemos Pisando la Senda de Nuestra Inmensa Felicidad

The colors of the flag of Equatorial Guinea each have a symbolic meaning: green represents the country's natural treasures and jungle, blue symbolizes the water connecting Bioko, Annobón and the mainland, white represents peace and red represents the struggle for independence. . In the white band is the coat of arms of Equatorial Guinea. This weapon features a mangrove tree, six yellow stars and the saying Unidad Paz Justica ("Unity, Peace, Justice").

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