Bosnië en Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a presidential republic with a semi-presidential and multi-party system in southeastern Europe. The country is located on the Balkan Peninsula and is bordered to the north and west by Croatia and to the east by Serbia and Montenegro.

Official nameBosnië en Herzegovina
Surface51.209 km²
CoinBosnische convertibele mark
time differenceUTC +1 / UTC +2

Popular dishes in Bosnia and Herzegovina include burek (spicy meat-filled filo dough, also called jufka), ćevapi (small sausages made from spiced minced meat) and Bosanski lonac (stew with meat and vegetables). The Bosnian kitchen also has a lot of stuffed vegetables: punjene paprike (stuffed bell pepper), sarme (sour cabbage leaves) and tikvice (zucchini). The filling for sarme is a mix of ground beef / veal, rice, onion, paprika, pepper and salt.

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