Belize (formerly British Honduras) is an independent country in Central America - a kingdom (a Commonwealth realm) headed by British Queen Elizabeth II - and borders Mexico to the northwest and Guatemala to the south and west. To the east it borders the Caribbean Sea. The country is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Official nameBelize
Surface22.966 km²
CoinBelizaanse dollar
time differenceUTC -6
VolksliedLand of the Free

The official language is English. English is mainly used by the government and for about 6% of the population is their first language. Half of the population speaks Spanish as their first language and many other people speak Spanish as a second language. 37% speak Kriol, an English Creole language, as their first language, but many people also speak this as a second language. In addition, some Mayan languages ​​are spoken by small minorities, as well as Garifuna and Plautdietsch.

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