Palau is a country in Oceania. The state is located in the Pacific Ocean and is part of the Micronesia region. Palau occupies the far western part of the Carolines archipelago; the central and eastern part of this group is occupied by the country of Micronesia.

Official namePalau
Surface459 kmĀ²
time differenceUTC +9
VolksliedBelau loba klisiich er a kelulul

The blue color in the flag of Palau represents the ocean that surrounds the islands that make up Palau and also symbolizes the various foreign rulers. The yellow circle symbolizes the moon. The moon in the flag refers to the periods in nature, including the days and nights and the lunar cycle. In addition, it symbolizes the light that shines over the world and the moon regulates the birth of people and animals and other events in nature, including the behavior of flowers. Ebb and flow also depend on the moon. The people of Palau also base their behavior partly on the moon, for example when fishing, in agriculture and when planning business affairs.

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