Delegation hosts Katharina & Emma – Zweden


The enthusiastic duo Katharina and Emma host the Swedish delegation during the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. For Katharina it is a home game; she lives at the foot of the Erasmus Bridge. Emma, ​​on the other hand, flew in from Sweden. “I lived in Rotterdam for my studies and I love the city.” When Rotterdam turned out to be the host city for the Eurovision Song Contest, both ladies had to be there.

Emma has been a fan of the music festival since 2000. “I also participated in the edition in Stockholm.” When she arrived in Rotterdam, she immediately felt at home again. “I was walking down the street and suddenly heard my name. I just immediately bumped into someone I know, isn’t that a coincidence?”

Katharina also remembers the Song Contest from her teenage years. “We watched every year with my Swedish parents. I remember exactly when ABBA won. People called us to congratulate them.” What does she love about the annual event? “Everyone is happy and cheerful. We come together and unite the whole world.”

Text: Anne Klapmuts

Photo: Joyce de Vries

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