Tonga is an independent archipelago in Polynesia; it consists of about 177 islands (36 of which are permanently inhabited) and has a total surface area of ​​700 km2. It consists of three island groups: Vavau, Ha'apai and (the main island) Tongatapu. The capital Nuku'alofa is located on the main island. The number of inhabitants (2010) is 106000; however, most Tongan people live abroad (New Zealand, Australia and California).

Official nameTonga
Surface747 km²
time differenceUTC +13
VolksliedKoe Fasi Oe Tu'i Oe Otu Tonga

The Kingdom of Tonga is a constitutional monarchy, with King Tupou VI as head of state since 2012. As shown in the flag (the cross), the population is generally Christian. The Dutchmen Lemaire and Schouten were the first westerners on Tonga as explorers in 1616. The officially spoken languages ​​are English and Tonganese. The currency of Tonga is the pa'anga.

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