Delegation hosts Elisabeth & Melle – Bulgarije


Elisabeth and Melle together host and host the Bulgarian delegation. They both have no direct link with the country, but they are mainly very happy that they can participate in the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.

Melle is a huge Eurovision fan. He has always said to himself: ‘If the Eurovision ever takes place in the Netherlands, I want to be one of those people who travels with a delegation.’ He succeeded. What does he like about the annual music spectacle? “That you get something from all kinds of European countries; especially when they used to perform in their own language. The competition aspect also really appeals to me.”

Elisabeth has not lived in the Netherlands for twenty-six years. She has lived in many different places, from Korea to America and Germany. Switzerland has been her home for sixteen years now. She got to know Rotterdam a few years ago. “Our son went to study here, so I regularly visit the city,” she explains. She immediately found everything along the water very impressive. “The bridges, towards the sea and also the beautiful skyline. I think it is a very exciting and innovative city. If there is something new in the Netherlands, it often happens in Rotterdam. Here they have guts!”

Text: Anne Klapmuts

Photo: Joyce de Vries


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