Delegation host Chin-Lien Frankrijk


With a French mother and a bilingual upbringing, it was clear to Chin-Lien which country she wanted to host. “France is in my heart. I was ecstatic when they said I was to host the French delegation.”

Chin-Lien has been pushed by her daughters to volunteer. “The roof went off when Duncan won. When we knew that the Netherlands was going to host, I immediately thought it would be great to participate in such a mega event. But I also saw bears on the road. Until my daughters said, Mom, you really need to do this.”

Chin-Lien is very happy with the French entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. “I think it’s a beautiful song. She shows herself in her vulnerability, but she is also very powerful.” She also likes to see that it is a traditional song. “I also sing French chansons myself.”

Text: Anne Klapmuts

Photo: Joyce de Vries

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