Delegations hosts Anne & Daphne – San Marino


Anne and Daphne are allowed to wave the flag of San Marino. “I think it’s an elegant flag with the navy blue color,” says Daphne. Both ladies have never been to the state, but they do have a lot with the surrounding country Italy.

As a huge Eurovision fan, Anne is proud that she can contribute as a volunteer. “You get closer than when you have a ticket. This is a backstage experience.”

Daphne has been going to the Eurovision Song Contest with three friends since 2011. “It’s like a warm bath.” Ten years later she hosts a delegation to the edition in the Netherlands. “The first time I attended live, I saw Senhit’s performance for San Marino. Now she is the entry again and I can guide her. So the circle is complete!”

Text: Anne Klapmuts

Photo: Joyce de Vries

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